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What Makes a Password Strong?

Strong Password Is Unique, Random, Complex and Long

81% of data breaches are caused by reused or weak passwords. So random, complex, completely unique, & long passwords are your best defense against online threats.

Why should my password be unique?

Do not use the same password for your every account. Try to use a unique one because as soon as one of your passwords get hacked, it’s very easy for hackers to try the same login credentials on your other accounts.

Why should my password be random?

Random password is hard to guess and harder for computer programs to crack. As it contains a jumble of unrelated characters (upper and lower case), numbers, and symbols.

Why should my password be lengthy?

The longer a password, the more secure it is. A strong password should be at least 12 characters long and also made up with numbers, uppercase & lowercase letters, and symbols. As the amount of time it would take to hack is 34,000 years.

Why should my password be complex?

Complex password consists of a combination of ambiguous, special, numeric, uppercase, lowercase hyphen and underscore latter to form an unpredictable string of characters that doesn't resemble words or names. For example, ;jTA#Dcg{bFA

How to Create a Strong Password?

Creating strong passwords may seem like a daunting task, especially when the recommendation is to have a unique password for each account. But with our free online password generator, it can be achieved with a few simple steps:


Select “Password Entropy”.

Choose from required length to Ambiguous letters, choice is all yours.


Click “Generate Password”

After selecting the desire level of security, click the button bellow the form.


You have done!

Congrats! you are successful to get your desired unique, complex and random password.

Start Creating Strong Password Here!

The randomness comes from atmospheric noise, which for many purposes is better than the pseudo-random number algorithms typically used in computer programs. And this strong password generator gives you such environment that help you create completely random, unique and strong passwords within a few clicks.

Follow simple steps to generate desire level of security

  • Select required length
  • Add lower-case letters
  • Pick upper-case letters
  • Include numbers
  • Include symbols
  • Pick hyphen
  • Opt for underscore
  • Pick ambiguous letters
  • Click to Generate
  • No Backend Saving

Using Strong Passwords Everywhere Is Must!

Over the last few years you’ve probably heard all about the importance of using strong, unique passwords for your online accounts. But have you actually practiced doing so? Perhaps you aren’t worried about a data breach or hackers targeting you, because they only go after big companies, right? Wrong. Very wrong. In fact, cybercriminals target thousands of small businesses and individuals on a daily basis. No matter, you’re running a large company, a small business, or a contractor working from a home office, there is one thing all cybersecurity experts recommend and agree on — use unique, tough to bypass and completely random passwords for all online accounts to keep your important details safe.

Whether you are a professional businessman, employee, or even a student, your personal accounts, information, and valuable banking details are very precious to you and you definitely don’t want an easily crack-able password that jeopardizes your information to others. So, use strong, complex and long passwords that helps you avoid unwanted intrusion to all this and other valuable information you wish to safe keep.

Unauthorized access is a potentially major problem for anyone who uses a computer or high-tech devices such as smartphones or tablets. The consequences for victims of these break-ins can include the loss of valuable data such as presentations, emails, and music. Victims may also have their bank account information, money, or even their identity stolen. Moreover, unauthorized users may use someone else's computer to break the law, which could put the victim in legal trouble. So, prevent unauthorized intrusion to your personal database. Use extremely ramdom passwords with a minimum 16 characters that must include a mixture of lowercase, & uppercase alphabetical letters, special characters (,’\[;.:) and numerical characters. For example: Sgks1394jK3>[;’/’@.

Creating strong, complex, hard to bypass yet highly randomized passwords is quite easy with So, protect yourself with our user-friendly online password generator by including series of options available like special symbols, alphanumeric characters and many more. This tool arranges your selected options in such a random manner that helps you create strong passwords that are sure to prevent hacks and at the same time enable you to avoid unauthorized intrusion to your important social accounts and information. The more available options you choose, the more complex combination of letters, characters and digits your password will contains, which ultimately keeps your accounts protected and secure your data from hackers, third-party malicious software, brute force and dictionary attack methods. That’s why, we have designed this online password generator with such sophisticated algorithms to ensure entire randomness and tough passwords are created every time you click on “Generate Password” to cater your security needs. – A Final Destination to Create Random, Unique and Complex Passwords

Poor and weak passwords can easily be deciphered and put your every bit of important information at risk. But there are a number of ways through which you can generate a random yet strong password that is not easy to crack and is a perfect choice to keep important details in check and completely secure. The random password generator on this website is an ideal tool that help you generate a non-decipherable and randomly sequenced password for online account you use. One thing that makes this password generator the best is that it gives you free reins to have required length from 1 to 120 digits to make the password harder to guess, include lowercase & uppercase alphabetical letters to ensure complexity, add numeric characters from 0 to 9 to eliminate chance of getting hacked and choose special yet ambiguous letters such as (@ ... < o,) to make password 99.9% risk-free. Still want to know more about why thepasswordgen’s online free random password generator is your ultimate destination. Just have a look below to check the following reasons;

  • it can be used from any device to create strong random password
  • it’s easy to use
  • perfect for all devices and accounts
  • Its secure
  • its customizable
  • its free
  • 100% Trustable
  • 100% Safe & Secure
  • SSL Approved
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Easy to Copy
  • No Backend Saving

Follow Key Essentials to Prevent Your Password from Getting Hacked

Phishing, stolen credentials, and human error challenge your password security. Take action and improve your defense against them by following some suggested measures;

Change Your Passwords Regularly

Alter your password after regular intervals so that even if someone finds an old or saved password, it will no longer be useful. Because if you have changed your computer or laptop, it is possible that someone may recover your saved passwords without you knowing and get access to your bank and social web accounts.

Don't Use the Same Password Across Different Websites and Accounts

Although it may be more convenient to use the same password across different websites and accounts but it is not advisable. Having the same password for all your accounts surely give hackers a chance to breach your personal social media accounts and perform illegal activity on your behalf. Try to use a unique one because as soon as one of your passwords get hacked, it’s very easy for hackers to try the same login credentials on your other accounts.

Don't Share Your Password with Other People

Ideally, the user should be the only person who knows his password. For example, even if you trust the person that you share your password with, and even if that person has no malicious intent, they may be less careful about safeguarding your password than you would be. The more people who know your password, the more potential for your information to be stolen by someone else.

Never Save Your Passwords To Public Devices

Do not access your personal accounts on public devices because there is a high chance you may forget to log yourself out. These devices are most vulnerable to malware and other viruses that can leak your information on the web.

Avoid Using Personal Information In Your Password

Do not use any personal detail like your address, maiden name, birthdate, pet name as your password as your close friends and colleagues can easily guess and break into your personal accounts.

Don't Follow Easy-To-Recognize Patterns

Use a password that contains series of such characters and letters that only you can remember because even if someone is watching you login to your personal account, they will be left puzzled and forget the idea of even trying to memorize every character you type. Consecutive combination of keyboard buttons like asdfghj or 1234567 are the most obvious to guess. So, get your password generated with a minimum of 16 characters that must include a mixture of uppercase (A, B, C …. Z) and lowercase letters (a, b, c, …, z), special characters (,’\[;.:) and digits (1, 2, 3 up to infinity). For example: Sgks1394jK3>[;’/’@

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Care About Random Password Security?
It's very easy for non-random passwords to be cracked as most of your life is nowadays stored online and is vulnerable. While conventional crime is falling in many countries, online crime is growing year on year. McAfee believes that online crime is now worth $400 billion a year. In 2021, 51% of Americans had their personal data exposed by hackers. Creating one unique random password for each user account is the first step you should be taking to secure your online data.
Is Thepasswordgen's Password Generator Safe to Use?
Yes! thepasswordgen's Random Password Generator uses mathematical entropy to create random, secure passwords based on the parameters defined by you either they are numbers, letters, or symbols. The characters rendered from this auto password generator tool are entirely random and won't transmit over the internet. No one, not even thepasswordgen, can see your private, personal password.
What Should Be the Minimum Length for A Random Password?
According to our researchers, the minimum length of a strong password should be 8 characters. That’s why this password generator starts by default from 8 letters. But you can also increase the password length as per your own need to make it more and more complex thus saving you from unwanted infiltration by hackers.
Which Password Generator Is the Best?
Any secure password generator that can produce cryptographically secure random values will be a good fit. Thepasswordgen’s free password generator tool fits the bill perfectly by generating cryptographically strong passwords for your account.
Can a Random strong password be hacked?
While a long password can be technically hacked, it would take an unperceivable amount of time to do so. A recent report found that a 12-character password made only of numbers would take just 25 seconds to hack. Compare that to a 12-character password made up of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and symbols, and the amount of time it would take to hack increases to 34,000 years. So a random password won’t be hackable in your lifetime.
How often should I change my password?
According to our experts, the best practice is that you change your passwords every 10 to 90 days. Some say up to 120 days. Because a consistent password is vulnerable and can be cracked by hackers who deliberately want to access your data. You can subscribe here and get notified to change your password after 90 days or any time interval of your choice and safe keep every little detail about your personal accounts completely safe and hack-free.
Do you save my password on server side when I generate one using this tool?
No, such a thing will never happen as we do not even keep a copy of any password that you create, our website is SSL approved that means there is not a chance that anything will be leaked from our website. Because every password this tool is used to produce stays entirely on the frontend. Means we don’t even know what password is generated or which one has been used as our goal is the complete safety of your personal data and to prevent unwanted intrusion, even by us.
Do you provide any offline application to generate passwords?
No, at the moment we don't have a password generating app yet, but on the contrary this password generator is 100% mobile-friendly and is completely user-friendly that can be used on all devices & browsers. Bookmark this page to quickly generate a password no matter where you are in all your raffles to ensure safety of your important data & files.
What is Secure Password?
A strong password should include a mix of lower-case and upper-case letters, numbers, and special characters. However, the overall password length is even more important than the characters used, as password cracking programs will start with shorter password guesses before moving on to longer phrases. A very strong password should include all kinds of characters and be at least 12 characters long.

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It’s saved me a lot. I was stressed on how to save my personal accounts from hacking. This tool generated my password of 15 characters with all selected options within a nanosecond and I was amazed to see that nobody could get past this. Prompt service! Such a fast tool!

Marshall Jackson proves a game changer tool for all my accounts security. Without a doubt, I got unique passwords generated every time with zero similarity with the previous ones that were pretty hard to crack due to randomization. It’s really easy to use and timesaver as well.

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I’ve been using thepasswordgen for a few years. And it has proven time and time again how valuable it is to me. It has become the nerve centre of security, and in many ways of operations as well.

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